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Wheel Repair

Cracks can appear in your wheel for any number of reasons. Our wheel repair specialist will assess the damage and use a method to restore it to its original integrity. Most wheel repair companies today have adopted this welding technique to restore cracked rims. In cases where a rim is damaged beyond repair, a replacement may be necessary.

Wheel repair Plano TX.

Car wheels are expensive, often costing hundreds of dollars each. Damage to a wheel not only affects the quality and performance of the vehicle, but it also greatly reduces its value as well. In many situations, repairing damage is more cost effective than purchasing a replacement rim. In almost every case, Mike’s Wheel Repair can repair cracks, reduce vibrations and restore the structural integrity of your wheel.

Service Provided

You do not want to drive on bad wheels as you risk further damage to the wheels or car. If your vehicle has a bent, cracked or scuffed wheel Mike’s Wheel Repair can help you. We are your local Wheel Repair Specialist for all of your Wheel repair needs.